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Technoville is the leading eCommerce Development in the USA that helps businesses to increase their customer reach and grow their revenue. As a WordPress WooCommerce developer, Technoville has gained experience and expertise in the development of custom eCommerce applications to meet the end-specific needs of your brand. Whether you are looking to create a new online store or update the existing one, Technoville's team of developers would help you to achieve all your goals.

We have designed our eCommerce development services for all kinds of businesses and industries. From developing a custom store to designing and developing themes, we do offer all kinds of services. Overall, if you are looking for an eCommerce Development partner then we can be a great choice to help you with increasing customer reach and growing revenue.

Types of eCommerce Business Models

There are different types of business models in eCommerce, and each one of them has its own advantages and characteristics. Some of the common types of the business model are B2C, where businesses sell services or products to online retailers such as SOS or Amazon-like stores.

B2B is another eCommerce modal, where basses sell products and services to the industrial and wholesale sectors. Here the buyer pursues in large quantities to sell it further using their own operations. The next model is C2C, in this model Consumer sells products and services to the other consumer. This type of e-commerce model is mostly used by websites like Etsy and eBay.

Some more types of eCommerce business models are C2B (Consumer to business), usually seen in gig economy platforms and freelance platforms, D2C ( Direct to Consumer): Business selling products and services directly to consumers, and many more. We offer services for all different types of e-commerce business models including B2G, B2B, etc.

Ecommerce Development Services Provided by Technoville

As a leading E-Commerce development company, Technoville provides a wide range of services to help businesses and brands succeed online. Some of the eCommerce development solutions and services we offer are listed below. By partnering with Technoville for eCommerce development services businesses can take advantage of our experience and expertise to create a successful eCommerce business by reaching a wide range of audience.


Ecommerce Web Design and Development

Technoville offers innovative eCommerce website design and development services to asset brands to create user-friendly and professional online sites. This includes setting up different online stores, building and designing the custom theme, and integrating stores with different tools and platforms. We ensure that we follow best practices while building an eCommerce website for your company.


E-commerce Application Development

Our eCommerce development experts at Technoville - an eCommerce app development company in the USA can help businesses to add new capabilities or functionality to their online stores. This can include creating custom plugins and modules to build an online store. Overall we help you with operating system-friendly applications seamlessly and provide after-development support for maintenance and updates.


ECommerce Custom Modules

Our eCommerce development experts can help you build customer-commerce modules to add new capabilities and features to your existing eCommerce store. We work with the best E-Commerce website designer in the USA to build UI/UX for such modules. Some of the modules that we have built for our clients are customer management tools, custom product pages, payment, and shipping modules.


ECommerce plugins Development

If you are looking for the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress, then Technoville can help you. We have got experience building plugins around WooCommerce-powered online stores. For a few of our clients, we have created custom integrations to several platforms and tools and developed new applications using new capabilities and features.

Benefits of E-commerce Development Services for Your Business!

There are many advantages of eCommerce Development services to boost online store engagements. An online store can help you to reach out to a wider audience which automatically increases your sales and revenue. By Choosing the correct set of eCommerce development services, businesses can build user-friendly and professional stores to attract more people and convert them to an audience. Further, this can also help to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With Ecommerce development services, you can also streamline operations with the use of several online tools and platforms that can help you to save time and money as they have low running costs. Using affordable advertising and marketing you can increase brand awareness and reach which will allow you to create a brand on online platforms and optimize it using SEO optimization.

Why Technoville's E-commerce Development Services for Your Company?

At Technoville, we have the best E-commerce website designers in the USA who have got experience working on multiple projects. We have a proven track record in eCommerce development. If you are looking for tailor-made eCommerce website solutions for you then we are there to help you. Since we have worked with all the scales of companies, our cost is competitive in the market and offers a fair price to all our clients. For more information, you can look at our testimonials and reviews to get more idea about our work culture and company’s reputation. We promise you that we will always fulfill your needs in your budget and help you to make sound decisions.


    FAQs Regarding Choosing a Custom E-commerce Development Agency in the USA for your company.

    The design and development process depends on the brand and agency you are working with, it is quite essential to ask agencies about what process they follow. At Technoville we offer design, development, testing, and deployment of an eCommerce store. Various eCommerce development agencies have the agile approach whereas few of them use the old-school waterfall process.

    There are different e-commerce platforms available, and the best one for your business is highly dependent on various factors like technical expertise, budget, and business. Some of the popular eCommerce platforms to use are Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. It is essential to evaluate and compare the platforms based on the features and capabilities that it offers.

    There are different ways by which an eCommerce website can help increase sales for your business, such as it allows your business to reach a wider audience on the internet. Also, it makes it quite easy for people to find products and purchase them from you. Not only this you can also do more with an eCommerce website such as offering discounts and promotions.

    The cost of an e-commerce website is highly dependent on the complexity and the number of features you are looking to integrate. A basic eCommerce website can cost up to a few hundred dollars, while a complex website with more complexity and features can cost thousands of dollars.

    We do offer after-support and maintenance once we deliver the store website. If there are any bugs or feature improvements needed, our team would assist you and help you to fix problems as soon as possible. Also based on your support requirements we will hire more experts so you receive support whenever needed.